Rockin’ 7 Pulled Pork Recipe

Hey there! I have experimented a lot with smoking the perfect pulled pork and this is what I’ve settled on! I have smoked anywhere from 1-4 pork roasts at a time- just make sure to allow extra time the more roasts you use. This is my go-to when I fill in making dinners at the […]

Rockin’ 7 Roast Recipe

I almost gave up on roasts til I discovered this recipe. The original recipe can be found here. I’ve tweaked it a little and my version is below, but feel free to make it your own! I have not yet had a roast that did not turn out- whether beef, buffalo, or wild game- so […]

Doing Great, Beetle!

I don’t like bugs. I mean, ladybugs and butterflies are cool, but I certainly don’t want any in my house! Ah, but then there’s Chase. He loves all of God’s creatures- especially bugs! It’s crazy to see how my perspective and tolerance have changed over the years since he was born. Who would have thought […]