Rattlesnakes and Puppy Dogs

It is Springtime here on the Ranch, and along with that comes keeping an eye out for snakes. This year has been especially full of them- and everyone’s encounters with rattlesnakes are rolling in. We have been fortunate enough to have only ever seen bull snakes and garters here at our house, but there are plenty […]

Why I Build

My husband is actually the builder. He is amazing, and can turn gnarly old logs into the most amazing furniture! One thing about being on a ranch is you kinda have to learn to do everything- but building furniture is above and beyond. We are rustic, functional people, though. And we like to save money. […]

Doing Great, Beetle!

I don’t like bugs. I mean, ladybugs and butterflies are cool, but I certainly don’t want any in my house! Ah, but then there’s Chase. He loves all of God’s creatures- especially bugs! It’s crazy to see how my perspective and tolerance have changed over the years since he was born. Who would have thought […]