Rattlesnakes and Puppy Dogs

It is Springtime here on the Ranch, and along with that comes keeping an eye out for snakes. This year has been especially full of them- and everyone’s encounters with rattlesnakes are rolling in. We have been fortunate enough to have only ever seen bull snakes and garters here at our house, but there are plenty of rattlers to be found elsewhere. We have coached our kids- Chase especially because he loves creatures so much- to stay away from all snakes and let us know right away where they’ve seen one. Brad was bit by a rattler when he was 2 and was almost killed, so we take them pretty serious.

Chase and our new heeler pup, Bodie, found a baby rattler at branding the other day.  Bodie tried to kill the snake, and was bit in the process. Brad’s mom thought the pup had found a mouse, so had headed over to kill it only to find it was a baby rattler. She really had nothing to kill it with, and as Brad was headed over to take care of it, Chase was reaching down to grab it. He was sure it was a garter snake and had no idea how close he came to having the same horrible experience as his Daddy had many years ago.

I raced Bodie to the vet, as his face and eye swelled- and by the time we got close to town he was pretty lifeless, except for a few desperate cries. The Vet wasn’t sure he’d make it, but thankfully he pulled through and we were able to bring him home the next morning- just as spunky as ever! We are so thankful for God’s continued protection out here on the Ranch! This may have been a life-saving lesson for Chase- who has a renewed respect for snakes of all sizes.


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