One-Legged Milking Stool

Hey Guys! When we decided to get a milk cow, Cody asked if we were going to have “one of those old one-legged stools”- so you know I had to build one! I built ours using scrap 2×6 and 2×2, nothing like a good scrap wood project 🙂 This is a super simple build, and even if you don’t have a cow, you might want to build one! I am actually building an extra to keep in the house, because I kinda like sitting on it! Here’s how I built ours- you can build your own milking stool in a cinch!

You can build this as tall or short as you’d like- we have 2 sizes- super easy to customize!

Gather Supplies

You’ll need-

One scrap piece of 2×6 1 1/2″ shorter than you’d like your stool. For a 13 1/2″ tall stool, make this 12″, for an 18″ tall stool, make this 16 1/2″…

One Scrap piece of 2×6 @ 14″

2- Scrap pieces of 2×2 @ 5 1/2″

3- 2 1/2″ Pocket Hole Screws

Several 2 1/2″ Nails

Wood Glue

Finish of Choice 

Build Your Milking Stool

Measure and mark 6 1/4″ from each end of your 14″ board. Set aside.

Drill (3) 1 1/2″ pocket holes in one end of your other 2×6 piece. 

Add wood glue to your other 2×6 board in between where you made the marks.

Now set the board with pocket holes on the glue and attach with 2 1/2″ pocket hole screws.  Add more glue on each side of where the board you just attached meets the other board. 

Add your 2×2 scrap pieces and nail them in. I absolutely love my Airstrike Nailers! I used the 16 gauge nailer for this with 2 1/2″ nails, but an 18 gauge nailer would be great, too.

Now give it a quick sanding and finish as desired. 

Test It Out!

These milking stools are proving to be mighty handy in the milk cow barn What do you think? Would you sit on one of these? I love doing old-fashioned things, so this is right up my alley 😉

It’s like going back in time…

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