DIY Rustic High Chair

So, my brother, Luke, and his beautiful wife, Abigail, are expecting their 5th boy! So exciting! Since they were driving to our place for a reunion, I asked if I could build something for baby. I was so excited by the challenge when they asked if a high chair would be possible- oh yeah!

I knew a high chair is something you only use for 2-3 years, so I wanted to create something they could use beyond that time. What if I used a stool base, then built a high chair seat that could be swapped out with a regular stool seat when baby outgrew the high chair? My husband built these awesome log stools quite awhile back, and we love them! I thought the same concept would make a great high chair.


We didn’t have enough logs on hand, though, and no time to gather more- so I used 2x2s instead.  Additionally inspired by this Ana White stool, I got busy. I made everything for the base 2″ wider than Ana’s plans to add stability, plus used 2 pieces of 3/4″ plywood stacked on top of each other for the base top, then winged it on the little high chair seat. I planed down and cut the corners off an old 2×12 for the high chair seat base, plus made another to use for the extra stool seat. I cut 2x2s at a 10 degree angle for the back of the high chair, then added little arms, and a post in the middle to keep baby from sliding down and out of the chair.

Just enough room for a silly 6-year-old, so it should work for baby 🙂

I used one of these boat seat swivels from Amazon. I screwed it into the base, then drilled a hole in the base so that I could screw the seats in from the bottom. I used torque screws and a 6″ bit to make it easier. I was down to the wire on getting this done in time, so I am so sorry for the lack of pics!

I made the tray out of a 1×10, and cut rounded edges with my scroll saw– this baby has come to my rescue so many times lately!

I debated a lot about how to attach the tray, but in the end just attached with a hinge on one side. I’m still looking for a good clasp or something for the opposite side, so the tray can’t be tipped up unintentionally. Any ideas?

They decided to keep it natural looking, so after everything was sanded down real good, I gave it a coat of my fave Varathane Triple Thick Poly in Satin.

I love how this came together! What do you think? Would you actually use a high chair like this?


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  1. Debi Bergstrom says: Reply

    Absolutely beautiful! So creative!

    1. Thank you! 🙂

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